What is a professional wedding officiant?

Broadly speaking, a professional wedding officiant or celebrant is trained in providing you with a custom-made service designed to celebrate your special day in any way you wish. The ceremony itself is what makes your day so special. A professional officiant will take the time to get to know you both and create and
deliver a beautifully crafted ceremony that’s personal to you. You can include any religious or non-religious elements you like.

How long have you been performing weddings?

I’ve been performing wedding ceremonies since 2017.

Can a ceremony take place anywhere?

Absolutely! A wedding can take place indoors or outdoors, in a private residence or public space (with permission), or at a hired venue. My service area is generally the Erie, PA area, however, am happy to travel additional distances with the expenses being covered by the couple.

How do you work?

Once you have a date and venue in mind, click here: erieweddingofficiant.fullslate.com and schedule a free, no-obligation zoom meeting. It lasts 30-60 minutes. It will help if you have a list of questions ready, and some idea of what you want to include, plus pen and paper to make any notes. Having conducted lots of ceremonies over the years, I’ll also have plenty of ideas and will make sure nothing is forgotten. I’ll be able to give you an idea of the cost after this conversation, which will depend on what you want the ceremony to include, its location, any special elements, etc. I’ll send you a confirmation email with all the details and give you first refusal for your date which is valid for seven days. If you decide to go ahead, your payment of the deposit within 7 days guarantees your date. I will start work designing your unique ceremony, once the final payment is made, no later than 2 months prior to the date of your wedding.

How do you design a ceremony?

Our initial conversation will have given me a good idea of what you want, so once
final payment is made, I’ll be able to write the initial draft. My fee usually includes
up to three re-drafts. I’ll email them to you, and you’ll have time to make any
comments or changes up to 5 days before the ceremony itself. I want it to be
perfect and for you to be completely happy with the finished product. Once the
final version has been agreed upon, you will have a chance to check it, and you will be sure that there will be no upsetting surprises on your special day!

How much does it cost?

Depending on the package and options you choose. You can see my services page for pricing.

My fiance(e) and I come from two different religious backgrounds. Are you able to help us?

Interfaith wedding ceremonies are no problem. I can create a ceremony for you that blends your religious traditions while remaining true to both.

I don’t want to mention (God, religion, anything spiritual, etc.) in my ceremony. Is that ok?

Definitely! While I am ordained as non-denominational, I am happy to work with
you to create a custom ceremony that is authentic to you and your beliefs,
whatever they may be.

Do you do handfasting ceremonies?

Sure! Either within a more traditional ceremony or as its own ceremony.

Do you perform same sex weddings?

Absolutely! I believe that love is love is love!

Do you attend or require a rehearsal?

Every couple’s needs are different. Much of it depends on the complexity of the ceremony and the size of the wedding party. If a rehearsal is needed and the venue is available, my attendance at the rehearsal is factored into the cost up-front.

My friend wants to marry us. Is that legal?

It depends on where you are getting married, some states and counties are more strict about their marriage laws than others. Obviously, I encourage you to hire a professional wedding officiant. You don’t want to have a friend realize they aren’t up to the task and “chicken out” a week before your wedding. If that does happen, I am happy to help out if I have the availability. You should obviously do your research and make sure you feel comfortable taking a chance using any non-professional vendor for your wedding – any wedding pro will tell you it’s not as easy as it looks!

We’re already legally married. Can you still perform a ceremony?

Absolutely. It can be designed as a vow renewal or an initial ceremony. During the pandemic, many couples legally married and still are choosing to have a full wedding ceremony later. It is illegal to perform a “fake wedding ceremony”, so I need to see a copy of your marriage license before the wedding. No one will know the difference unless you choose to tell them!

We want to get married but don’t want a big wedding or just go to the courthouse. What are our options?

There are many options available depending on where you would like to be married, from in-home ceremonies to outdoor elopements. Schedule a free, no-obligation zoom call here https://erieweddingofficiant.fullslate.com/ and I can help with a few ideas!

I know we tip other vendors, but what about the officiant?

Gratuities are never expected but are always appreciated.

Alright! We’re ready! How can we move forward with booking you for our wedding?

Click here erieweddingofficiant.fullslate.com for your free, no-obligation zoom call to meet and discuss dates, times, location, and pricing.

What if I have another question you haven’t answered here?

That’s an easy one! You can email me directly at: Lois@ErieWeddingOfficiant.com

I look forward to hearing from you!

I do more than just officiate weddings

Pre-marital coaching
Wedding officiating
Post-wedding coaching
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Vow renewal
Memorials & Funerals
Baby Blessings
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Life is a journey and I’m here for you the entire way!

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